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We offer a range of products and solutions to meet the life changing risk events. Our solutions offer cover for unforeseen events such as loss of life, critical illness and disability. You will have peace of mind knowing that you have the best insurance plan for unplanned events.

Funeral Cover

Provides a lump sum to cover the cost of a funeral. There is an option to cover the policyholder, one spouse and a maximum of six children, with a choice to add parents and parents in law, as well as extended family members.

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Simple Life Plan

Get Comprehensive Life cover with no medical tests or questions asked. A lump sum benefit is provided when the policyholder passes away. Choose additional benefits that cover you from unfortunate events such as critical illness, physical impairment and permanent disability.

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Platinum Life Plan

Comprehensive cover providing a high lump sum benefit with limited underwriting on the passing of the policyholder. There are additional benefits that can be chosen that cover the policyholder from the unfortunate event of being unable to earn an income or additional expenses due to a critical Illness, physical impairment and permanent disability.

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Hospital Cash Back Plan

Provides a lump sum benefit to assist with the living expenses while you are in hospital.

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Education Protector

Provides a lump sum on the occurrence of these risk events to help provide for your child’s education even after you're gone.

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Education Legacy Plan

Start saving for your child's future with the Education Legacy Plan. It will help you to save in a cost-effective and efficient way and has a range of benefits that will help you make those big dreams a reality.

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